Legend Remixed | Ziggy Marley | Needle Magazine

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 3.39.11 PMLegends are tricky; exalted, celebrated, they enter the public consciousness in a permanent way and yet, they’re rarely as intimidating or untouchable as the word might have us believe. An album that reaches the status of a legend is almost unvaryingly a seminal one, inspiring countless other musicians to create in its wake. And as we’ve seen from the last decade of superhero and myth-based blockbusters, very few legends are closed off to reinterpretation.

This being said, Ziggy Marley’s decision to produce a remix edition of his father’s most successful album—in conjunction with brother Stephen and some of electronic dance music’s hottest names— must have been a nerve-wracking one. Because there are legends, and then there’s Legend: the world’s best-selling reggae album and the second longest chart-topper in Billboard’s history, this 1984 collection of Bob Marley and The
Wailer’s greatest hits was immeasurably influential on people’s lifestyle choices as well as musical tastes. It’s a good thing then, that when Legend: Remixed drops on June 25, 2013, fans may find that it is as much a reunion as it is a remix.

Full Article: Ziggy Marley – Needle Magazine – Emily Trace


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