The Walking Dead | Season 3 Review | Needle Magazine

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 4.05.17 PMIf someone asked you “What’s The Walking Dead about?” you might return the question by asking them if the rock they live under is nice this time of year, and then offhandedly respond that it’s about zombies. However, whatever the title may imply, the horror-drama based on the popular graphic novel of the same name is much more about life than it is about death. Many viewers started watching when the show premiered in 2010 because they quite understandably wanted to see some screaming suburbanites get swarmed by the living dead, but stuck with it through to the third season’s finale because of the relentlessly compelling
ordeals and issues that the survivors go through… issues which are eerily familiar  even to us pre-apocalyptic types. Though it might seem ironic at first that a show about the undead is so concerned with what it means to be alive, the show’s exploration of humanity accounts for its record-breaking success as much as its Emmy-award winning prosthetics department does.

Full Article: The Walking Dead Season Review | Needle Magazine | Emily Trace


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